9/11 Conspiracy Belief Explained in 91.1 Seconds

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Serious video for the 9/11 anniversary. Incredibly, conspiracy believers still exist 15 years after the event. Here are 7 reasons why they just can’t stop believing.

I’m sure some will have a problem with parallels being drawn with religion. Here’s how I see it: In science, a prevailing assumption is that the world operates naturalistically according to physical laws. Religion aims to add supernatural, unobservable agents and other untestable factors, with the presumption that scientific explanations are insufficient. Similarly regarding 9/11, science assumes that the buildings were fully capable of collapsing on their own, given the observed physical damage and fire, with the laws of physics doing the rest. Conspiracy believers add unknown, shadowy elements into the picture, because of a presumption that fire-and-damage explanations are insufficient.

Feel free to discuss in the comments, but as with religious people who assert that atheism or Darwinism is a religion, you’ll have a hard time arguing that we have “unquestioning belief in the official story” or “blind faith in the government.” As much as you’d like to imagine otherwise, we are free thinkers, too — but in trying to understand what’s basically multiple large engineering disasters, we don’t feel the need to invent unknowable shadow governments, ninja demolition crews, and perfect secrecy rings involving hundreds to thousands of conspirators, in order to satisfy gaps of our comprehension. Meanwhile, they speak of being enlightened ("seeing the light") and waking up ("being born again") while others are sheep ("lost"). Finally, if there’s any doubt about the religion/Truthism parallel, I direct you to http://www.dissentfromdarwin.org/, where you will find a list of academics supporting intelligent design — which, sadly, have more impressive credentials than the vaunted “experts” at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

This isn’t North Korea. Truthers have had 15 years to fully expose, in a free press, whatever evil scenario that they imagine occurred — but normal people have never bought what they are selling. It’s over, dudes. I only wish you had the fortitude to admit that you were wrong.

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