Attention: Beware of IRS Scam Calls from Internal Revenue Service!

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In American Sign Language, (ASL), I just got a serious note from my "mother in law" that IRS want to discuss with me about the tax issues in fact I already know I do filed my tax annually. Her note stated: You got a call from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), she spoke with a heavy accent but you can call back at (866) 792-2921 and ask for Cristy Taylor...she would say about.... Good luck and let me know what she says.....

So I decided to call through the video relay phone and finally got through the person who answered my call with the interpreter and explained that I'm deaf. Then the person informed the interpreter that they cannot accept the third person party and has to be someone else. I pointed out the person who answered my call that my other hearing friend or family are still my third person caller and then the person suddenly hang up on me via the VP interpreter. The interpreter just told me that he spoke with heavy Indian accent.

When I got the note, I already know that it must be a scammer because I've seen the TV News warning everyone to be aware of the IRS impersonators. I already reported today's incident to IRS government website... Let hope they catch those IRS scammers...

Most of the time, IRS will always send you the letter via snail mail for any IRS related information they may have with you personally. The real IRS agents never solicit over the emails, social media or phones. They will send you the letter and request you to call directly to the specific department within the IRS. Legal website to report those IRS Call Scammers :

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