Scam Warning! | Review

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Scam Warning! | Review - Is Legit? Fake Website
Checkout the links in the video description! (more helpful links below)

Correction: I mistakenly stated that I was using Microsoft Edge in this video, but I realized I was using Chrome. Sorry about that!


What you need to know about this scam website:
-Part of a Russian scam network with over 100 sites.
-Paid advertising viewing system scam
-This site is not secure so your information is at risk.
http:// - not secure
https:// - secure with SSL Certificate
Secure Sockets Layer

-This is a fake website.
-This site does not pay at all.
-They sell your email.
-They removed their contact information.
-They do not have any policies, disclaimers or terms & conditions.
-Any figure you see in your dashboard is only a number.
-There is no option to close or delete your account.
-Do not believe any earnings images or anyone who claims they were paid.
-The reviews and user payouts are fake and identical on all of the scam sites within this scam network.
-Once you you reach the $150.00 payout threshold, they will tell you that you need to have at least 40 referrals and they try to get you to purchase the additional referrals. Do not purchase them! They are fake referrals.
-Once you reach the $150 payout threshold along with at least 40 referrals, they will tell your account is not approved,
and you will have to wait 30-60 days or send 10$ bitcoin for a quick verification.
Either way, the scammers will lock out your account.

--Important and Helpful Information:

What you need to know about earnings reports and payment proof images

PayPal phishing email:

Bank phishing email:

For the Spammers:

Read the news scam sites:

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