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While researching 10-28-11, the Mayan end date and the NWO 13 ritual beginning, I noted that the sudden increase of Chem-trail spraying began on or about 10-28-11.

I wanted to know how chem-trails were associated with the ritual 13 start and when researching chem-trail material, I was repeatedly reminded of the metals, aluminum, copper, iron, nickle, manganese and other metals that chem-trails have in them that build up in humans.

Then I read about all the health related problems associated with these metals like Morgellons disease and other health related issues when I suddenly remembered that those exact metals were identified as suitable for Vaporific effects in weapons, but that since the human population has built up levels of aluminum and other metals, I found it odd that such metals used in weapons would be in such high concentrations within the human body and atmosphere.

This is when I thought that perhaps a hidden aspect of chem-trails is a super weapon of mass destruction that kills without all the social resistance that comes with mass genocide.

When I realized all that was needed was something that can excite and superheat at the same time the metals in our bodies so as to achieve ignition and sudden death, is when it dawned on me that if they can cause that trigger effect, then the chemical effect will kill us suddenly and with no means of escape in a mass genocide type manner, but without the resistance.

I thought for a moment and then decided to do a short video about my theory as a means of informing those that care to think about such things.

Chem-trails have many associated conspiracies associated to it, but this one makes the humans the bomb and then uses some microwave or plasma beam frequency signal to trigger the Vaporific effect of all humans.

21st century mass genocide of a select few or an entire city or geographic area or country is how I would describe such a weapon of mass destruction that uses a special frequency to kill those contaminated with chem-trail metals in their bodies and brains.

That one aspect is what prompted this video.

Spontaneous Combustion in Ireland remains mystery. Could this be a telling clue of what is to come? Please read the article to the end where it forensically mentions the observed damage to internal organs to better understand my remark.

Chem-trail Background material

Vaporific Effects Graduate Thesis

Directed energy weapons disclosure. Rumsfeld press meeting.

Chem-trails Aluminum and other metals

Morgellons Disease

Sudden Vaccine purchase by govt. for 1.7 million doses Smallpox vaccine at $255. per dose, = 439 million dollar no bid contract to insider Democratic Zionist.

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